South Australian Children's Choir

Calling Adelaide Home.

A young enthusiast with a passion for singing?

Passionate about inspiring young singers...

The South Australian Children's Choir (SACC) caters to any young voice- female or male, with a booming passion to sing. It is dedicated to providing children aged 8-18 with opportunities to develop their vocal talents and musical skills.  We offer quality vocal training and a platform for young individuals to explore the world of music, learn vocal techniques, and participate in performances and events. Members learn to read notation, understand musical terms & patterns and develop aural skills. They are also exposed to singing in harmony through which they develop an appreciation for music as a whole.  Our aim is to foster a love for music, create a supportive community for young singers to thrive, and empower children through their voice. We offer solos to eager students which play an instrumental role in building both self and stage confidence. Friendships are bountiful in the SACC, as with their similar interests, the children naturally bond well together and have lots of fun learning the nuances of their voices and those of the people around them.

At South Australian Children's Choir, we are passionate about providing the best possible experience for our students and their families. We believe that music can bring people together and create lasting memories. SACC is dedicated to helping our students grow and achieve their goals. Whether you are looking to learn a new skill & discover your voice, want to take your song to the stage, or simply enjoy singing, the South Australian Children’s Choir is for you. 

Based in St Peters SA,
the South Australian Children's Choir has a central location, perfect for choristers travelling from various parts of Adelaide!